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Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist is a great way to ensure your makeup Photographs Flawlessly and wears well into the night. Keep in mind that doing Makeup for your Wedding is very different than doing makeup for your everyday beauty routine. You have spent hours finding the perfect dress and booking an incredible photographer, so don’t forget your beautiful face. You are the focal point of photos and the first thing your Love will see as they look into your eyes and say, “I do”.


You will be eating, drinking, kissing, crying and dancing! On top of that, there is a chance it will be hot and humid on the Gulf Coast and the climate can take a toll on your makeup. When hiring a Professional, they are educated on proper ways to apply makeup that will last throughout the day and well into the night. They know all the best products and the proper way to apply them.


Did you know that Professional Photography can remove up to twenty percent of color and intensity in your images? Even if you don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, you will want to add just a bit more than usual. This will provide flawless images throughout the day on both the professional cameras as well as personal cameras. You want to make sure in every image and video, you look your absolute best.


Hiring a Professional means you have hired an Artist who arrives on time and delivers great work in a timely manner. Time flies by much faster the morning of your wedding and it is crucial to have a team of vendors who can keep everything on schedule. It cuts down on stress and sets the tone for the day ahead. They will also strive to give you the look you want and are happy to make any adjustments if needed. A Professional knows that this is your special day and they are there to make this the best experience for you.


An Artist who does this for a living, invests a lot of time into their craft. They go to hands on training, classes, workshops and Makeup Conventions. You will have someone who knows the best Professional Products on the market and how to use them on multiple skin tones and textures. Plus, you are guaranteed sanitation and clean working habits.


This is a Luxury service. You get the chance to relax, sit back in your Beautiful Bridal Robe with a coffee in hand and just be pampered. The Artist will arrive with a Makeup Chair, special lighting and a kit full of products and brands from all over the world! It will smell good, feel good and calm you. All you have to do is enjoy!

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