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Your Skin is your Canvas

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Our skin is consistently changing with the weather, stress and pollution of everyday life. When you apply makeup, it is important to know what your skin is doing and how to properly prep it for makeup application. The ultimate goal is to make the face a smooth and even canvas, which will improve the look and longevity of your makeup.


I am an avid fan of the Skin Refine Zone by MAC cosmetics. This product will work as a treatment overtime and also has an immediate effect once applied. It will shrink large pores and help absorb excess oil. You put it on right after you wash your face and focus it on your oiliest areas.


Serums are meant to absorb deep into your skin and can help repair sun damage or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. There are a multitude of serums out there for all different skin types and textures, so be sure to research which one is best for you. During the humid months, serums can sometimes take the place of your moisturizer.


Face Oils have made quite an impression in the beauty industry. These oils are ideally meant for those who find themselves to have extremely dry skin. However, Sonia Roselli makes a Water Oil which is also great for oily skin! Face Oils are meant to be applied after your serums but before your moisturizer. The oils absorb into your skin quickly, which prevents water loss and keeps the skin plump and hydrated.


This is a must for everyone! There are moisturizers for oily skin, which helps control the sebum level throughout the day. As well as moisturizers that keep dry skin hydrated and healthy. Consider a moisturizer with an SPF for your daily wear.


Rosewater and mineralized sprays are meant to calm the redness in your skin prior to makeup application and can also help oxidize and hydrate your makeup after it has been applied. Feel free to spritz this before, during or after makeup application! But note, this is not a setting spray.

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